Edwin V. Bertotti
10812 Redmond Road, Austin, TX 78739, (512) 301-9092

Computer Engineer

7 years of experience in computer engineering with a diverse background 
including software development and programming, system design, modeling 
and simulation, web development, and system administration.

Computer Proficiency

* Operating Systems:	Windows NT, Windows 95/98, UNIX, and DOS 
* Software Programs:	Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, HomeSite, WebTrends, 
			OPNET, BEST/1, FrontPage, Publisher, WordPerfect, much more
* Languages:		HTML, Pascal, C, and C++.  Some ASP and Javascript.

Work Summary

5/98-present: Broadband Engineer, Motorola Inc.

Applications engineer
* develop and implement methodologies for making Applications more efficient
* configure and maintain a protected extranet web server using Compass designed to 
	consolidate and give customers and Applications access to information
* maintain and enhance a centralized database to document customer questions and answers

3/97-5/98: Senior Engineer, Science Applications International Corporation

System administrator of a project website
* configured and maintained a web server and a FTP server on a Windows NT platform
* designed website format including web pages and database queries
* managed information through web and FTP servers
* developed and implemented new applications for the web and FTP servers

System engineer and programmer for network traffic analysis project to
	determine fair cost based on traffic
* generated software to parse and analyze network traffic
* created graphs and charts used for analysis
* installed, configured, and implemented BEST/1 software to monitor network traffic from
	a centralized location

3/96 - 3/97: Engineer III, Science Applications International Corporation

System engineer for study to identify the optimum configuration of future wireless
	tactical communication networks and their interface into commercial ATM networks
* provided necessary analysis to evaluate the use of networked land mobile multiple
	access techniques
* developed network and protocol models using OPNET
* studied evolving technologies and network concepts and their application to theater
	deployed communications

Task leader, system designer, integrator, and programmer for project involving hardware
	and software development of a secure, survivable communications network
* designed, developed, and tested software
* integrated software with hardware and other software programs
* generated documentation
* performed installation, demonstrations, and training

6/94 - 3/96: Engineer II, Science Applications International Corporation

System engineer and programmer for projects involving the hardware and software development
* developed software 
* tested and evaluated hardware and software
* trained personnel on maintaining the software

8/92 - 6/94: Engineer I, Science Applications International Corporation

Software programmer for modeling and analysis software which determined the
	effectiveness of HF jamming on the target networks, and statistically studied
	and reduced the level of fratricide
* implemented software including high frequency (HF) radio algorithms
* developed software to model an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) 
* maintained configuration management of the software
* created technical documentation for the software models

8/91-5/92: Student, University of Virginia

Hardware developer of high frequency 20-bit binary counter systems for
	NASA's SUNLITE project
* designed binary counters using Mentor Graphics for schematic capture and simulations
* fabricated counters onto Actel Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
* tested these counters
* generated technical documentation

* BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia, 1992

Security Clearance

* Top Secret


* Charles J. Pitts, Jr., Program Manager, (703) 790-7407
* Donald Simon, Manager, (512) 934-8526
* David W. Ward, Program Manager, (703) 790-7412