(a big one, granted)

September 1998

From your editors...
Hello everyone! Ready or not.....tenth year anniversary is here! Viva Cougars! An impromptu class reunion was put together on August 1st in La Paz for the classmates that were around. We figured that since quite a few of us would not be able to make it to that little ‘farra’, we could at least enjoy the somewhat sober first edition of Years in a Nut Shell (next issue due in 2008...que horror!). The class directory will be kept current however, so let one of us know when you change addresses and so forth so we can continue to hound you. Although some class members graciously submitted bios of some sort, many of the contents of this newsletter have been subject to communication via ‘boca’. So, we apologize in advance for any false or distorted information. We hope you all enjoy it!

Mariana Arteaga, Ana Harjes, Ibis Klimicek, Karen Korponai

PS. Check out the ACS homepage at www.acslp.org and put your name and contact information on the Alumni networking list.

10 YEAR CLASS REUNION: Was: August 1, 1998
Where & what time: Everywhere & all day!
1. First round of events - picture/reminisce session
2. Second round of events - Parrillada at the Grill in Cota Cota
3. Third round of events - a night on the town--a Chalimar/Pacha combo
4. Fourth round of events - recuperar del famoso "chaqui"!

STATISTICS - mas o menos: 51 classmates; 26 women; 25 men; 29 married or married & divorced; 14 babies; 19 of us have masters (we're so smart); 1 with a PhD (Mickey, of course); 24 residing in Bolivia, 2 in Peru, 1 in Taiwan, and the rest in the USA and bouncing around somewhere--kind of like gypsies; and all belonging to the world.

  • Charles Jess: Working for the US State Department in Vientiane, Laos; spends most holidays in Nederland, Colorado; Skyler is now 11 years old
  • Carola Saenz: Still teaching at ACS- 5 classes now…in her spare time she´s either making desserts for Soft Drink Services or dancing Caporales WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR - the true gossip list:
  • George Allport (Filipino - Beach Bum) Recently married to Pia Houseal (congrats!) and is living in Pennsylvania where he works for a global positioning systems company. Graduated from Cabrini College, worked with developmentally disabled adolescents and did some women’s soccer and basketball coaching at Swarthmore College.
  • Rocio Aparicio (99% Boliviana) Happily married to Mauricio Blacutt with a baby boy; studied advertising and marketing; has a cake decorating school with her mother where she teaches; living in La Paz.
  • Aimee Arnez (Re-Boliviana!!!) Believed to be living in La Paz.
  • Mariana Arteaga Finished MBA at Berkeley and is currently working for Nortel in Miami in their Human Resources department.
  • Oscar Bartos (human being) Married. Living somewhere in California. Hey, California’s a big place, okay?
  • Nicola Bedoya (101% Bolivian!) One baby, currently residing in La Paz.
  • Marcia Berthin (Boliviana) Finished her BA in Business Administration at Northeastern University and is now living in Miami.
  • Edwin Bertotti (American) Lives with wife, Diane, in Austin, Texas where he works as a broadband engineer for Motorola. Graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in electrical engineering. Purports to have the strength of ten men. (And will soon be called ‘dad’!) Congrats!!
  • Donald Cahill (Canadiense, Boliviano) Married Audry Potts, living in Miami, Florida.
  • Mario Capatori (Italian - Bolivian) Currently living in Italy. Travels around the world selling gold.
  • Maria Ester Crespo Married and taking care of her two children in La Paz; owner of a bookstore.
  • Patricia Garcia (Boliviana!!) Married with one little boy, living in La Paz.
  • Heidi Goldschmidt Married her high school sweetheart(Fernando Quevedo); finished a BA in political science; living in La Paz, working for family business and building a house.
  • Ana Harjes (German - Mexican - Bolivian) Working for Soft Drinks (Coca Cola - Bolivia), until she takes off in mid-August to France for an MBA at INSEAD.
  • Lisa Hartenberger (American) Currently studying media/communications at UT @ Austin, Texas.
  • Veronica Hein (Boliviana ... de corazon!) Married Andre Lafaye and just had a baby; working in Interior Decorating (?) in La Paz.
  • Carlos (Japa) Ibarguen (Bolivian) Believed to be in Washington DC.
  • Sandra Inchauste (Bolivian) Married, with 2 children, living and working at a school in La Paz; studied Psychology at the Universidad Catolica in La Paz.
  • Robert Kenny (Bolivian - Irish - American) Graduated from CAL Berkeley, has lived in Japan and traveled Asia, currently getting a masters at Yale.....(sorry Rubio- our own homemade ‘chismes’ about you paled in comparison to the real thingJ)
  • Miyoung Kim (Korean - Bolivian) Married, one baby, living in Atlanta... (where are you?! We miss you!)
  • Ibis Klimicek (La Paz, Bolivia) class - writer (hence the editor); Graduated from Mills College, married Michael Villa and lives in the Sonoma region of California.. Currently teaches art & elementary and is trying her hand at bookbinding, woodworking. Secretly fantasizes about staying home in her pj’s and writing all day.
  • David Korponai (AMERICAN) Happily married to Claudia Cordero, with a baby boy named Calvin, living and working in Cochabamba.
  • Karen Korponai (miti-miti) Traveled the world; lived in Egypt for 2 years; currently finishing up her Masters in International Management at Thunderbird/American Graduate School of International Management in Arizona......as of December 1998 (graduation) who knows where she'll land?
  • Carlos Lebl (Bolivian) Tied the knot with Carola Rioja- same day as Claudia & Mickey; is in Italy for a Masters (Y la luna de miel??)
  • Daniel Liendo (Viva Bolivia! - Bolivian) motto--be in peace with your self! Peacefully married to Cinthia Zarate with a bouncing baby boy as of this week (yahoo!); completed Masters at Boston University in Belgium; currently working for family run business Bolivia Drugs Ltd. (the good kind of drugs) in La Paz.
  • Jaelle Mann ("carribean mix") Tied the knot last month in the Dominican Republic (Congrats!); finished her Masters in Bilingual Education; currently working as an elementary teacher in Virginia.
  • Mauricio Mayrides Lives and works in Washington D.C. where he is directing the government relations program for the American Society of Hematology.
  • Eddie Mazzi (Bolivian) Finishing an MBA at Yale.
  • Joanne McCord (80% Bolivian, 19% American, 1% "heavy") Married to Christian Reynolds. Living in Austin, Texas. Just had a baby.
  • Julia Molina (Boliviana) Once again settled in La Paz; has a BA in Psychology; former McDonald's - La Paz manager, currently working in a nursery for children
  • Vicky Moscoso (BOLIVIANA A TODO DAR) Currently caring for her 2 children in La Paz.
  • Reggie Montalvo (American) MIA (Missing in Action)
  • Fernando Ortiz (Bolivianisimo!!!) (MIA)
  • Daniel Pabon (Boliviano!) working in La Paz.
  • Maria Lizet (Chata) Perez (Boliviana) Proud mother of Ismael, currently living in Florida.
  • Fernando Quevedo (100% Boliviano) Happily married to his high school sweetheart, Heidi. Received a BA in Economics and finished his MBA; Lives in La Paz and works for family run business Ismar.
  • Victor Ree (Chinese){but we still consider him Bolivian} And that’s DOCTOR Ree to you, pal. Currently working as chief resident of Psychiatry in a hospital in Taiwan. Woohoo!
  • Ignacio Rivero (Peruano) Currently working in Peru/Brazil.
  • Alfred Rolf (Bolivian - German) Currently working and living in La Paz. Single, and no, we cannot keep up with his romantic life! (he has never invited us to his LOVE HUT)
  • Luis (Baby) Saenz (Boliviano) Currently working for Standard Bank in Lima, Peru; just bought an apartment in La Paz so he can hang with his homies.
  • Sandy Sanchez (Panamena): Last seen by Luis Saenz in Mexico; married, with a baby girl.
  • Dino Siervo (50% Miami - 50% my family and Ali's) (MIA), but most likely in Miami.
  • Miguel Urquiola (Bolivian): Por fin se caso con Claudia-glad we didn’t hold our breaths. Our illustrious class prez is giving the last finishing touches to his PhD dissertation in economics from CAL Berkeley and is now a professor at the Universidad Catolica in La Paz for the Harvard masters program.
  • Monica Vargas (Bolivian!!) Living in La Paz; married; received a BA in Psychology at the Universidad Catolic in La Paz.
  • Erik Wachtenheim Last seen in Lima, Peru (we're not sure what year)... but for now, declared MIA.
  • Bill Walker (American) TOTALLY MIA.
  • Juan Ignacio (Juani) Zapata (Bolivian) Single! And what a catch! An "official" lawyer; received a JD in La Paz and LLM from Tulane, New Orleans. Is currently working in La Paz (so you know where to go if you need a lawyer!). Still golfing, of course!
  • Claudia Zarate (Bolivian - Canadian): Finished her MBA at University of Toronto and now working for Citibank-La Paz in corporate finance and capital markets. Is now Mickey’s better half.
  • Christie Zepeda (50% gringa - 50% latina): Living in Miami and hanging out with Chata (so we heard...)
  • Troy Zepeda (50% American, 25% Heineken, and 25% I can't remember) Enlisted in the US Air Force, is currently working for a computer firm in Florida.
  • Vanessa Zuazo (Bolviana): Received a BS in Business Economics at Bentley College, Boston; currently living in La Paz; working for the family run Banco Mercantil.

  • Bedoya: engaged and living in Texas
  • Tewfik: last seen by Karen in Cairo, Egypt, married to Yasser with a baby boy
    Ezequiel (Ezzi) Spinelli: last seen by Vanessa in Boston
  • Spiker: Single and looking J ; currently living and working in the Netherlands where he is a financial planning and control specialist for Baan Business Associates. (He gets to travel, looking for new candidates who are wanting to expand their value/technology web).
  • and Lori Cullum: Elise was at one point politically involved with the State of Tennessee; Lori is happily married in Arkansas.
  • Adams: An architect working in Miami. Currently finished designing his first elementary school!
  • Burnette: joined US Air Force, married to Jeff Valenzia, living in Nebraska.
  • Walker: Just bought her first home in Richmond, California where she lives with her husband Mark Turner. Graduated from CAL State Hayward with a B.S. in Business Admid/Accounting. She is currently working at a Cruise wholesaler in Marin County. And yup, she’s still ice skating.
  • Grimes: Is happily married as of last June to Brent Boettcher. Works in admissions at the University of Minnesota.
  • Fernanda Castellano: Last seen by Karen in Venezuela in 1992, living and working in Caracas, Venezuela, studied business administration.
  • and James Lee: Freddy Lee is working in Korea
  • Bertotti girls: Gia is engaged, living in Virginia; Luisa is married with a cute little boy, living in Virginia
  • Acosta brothers: Both married and working as police men in Las Vegas, Nevada. The thought of that should scare any evil-doer straight.
  • Parraga: Living and working on her PhD dissertation in Psychology in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Morris: last seen by Ana in England. Parents live part time in Tortola, Carribean.
  • Pinto: No longer a ghost.... back in town (La Paz) after 18 years away (remember him in 4th grade?…."I don’t get it!"); now working with Coca Cola in La Paz.

    CLASS DIRECTORY The class sponsors...
  • Charles Jess - American Embassy Vientiane, Box V, APO AP 96546; or 602 Klondyke, Eldora, CO 80466; summer tel. 303-258-7115
  • Carola Saenz - Casilla 35102, San Miguel, La Paz, Bolivia; tel. 710980; cel # 01232668. And the rest of us...
  • George Allport - 107 Concord Drive, Harleysville, PA 19438
    home e-mail: georgeallport@sprintmail.com
    office e-mail: georgejr@keypre.com
  • Rocio Aparicio - Casilla #11158, La Paz, Bolivia
    tel: 794804 or 796060
  • Aimee Arnez -?
  • Marianna Artega - 3000 E. Sunrise Blvd. Apt. 2-D, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 3330;
    tel. hm: 954-390-0820
    email: mariana_arteaga@hotmail.com
  • Oscar Bartos -?
  • Nicola Bedoya -
    tel: 793833
  • Marcia Berthin - 9920 NW 44th Terrace 109 Miami, Fl 33178
    temp phone: (617) 789-4623
    email: mberthin@lynx.neu.edu
  • Edwin Bertotti - 10812 Redmond Road, Austin, Texas 78739
    tel: (512) 301-9092
    webpage: www.bertotti.net
  • Donald Cahill -
    email: doncahill@ibm.net
  • Mario Capatori -?
  • Maria Ester Crespo -?
  • Patricia Garcia -
    tel: 720039
  • Heidi Goldschmidt - Casilla 11061, La Paz, Bolivia
    tel: 792330 or 792505
  • Ana Harjes - Casilla #526, La Paz, Bolivia
    tel: 411077
    email: harjes@caoba.entelnet.bo
  • Lisa Hartenberger -
    e-mail: lhartenberger@mail.utexas.edu
  • Veronica Hein -?
  • Carlos Ibarguen -?
  • Sandra Inchauste -
    tel: 791285
    email: klaumed@caoba.entelnet.bo
  • Robert Kenny - last known address 118 Foster Street, New Haven, CT 06511
    tel: (203) 787-9038
    e-mail: robert.kenny@yale.edu
  • Miyoung Kim -?
  • Ibis Klimicek - 1881A Toyon Drive, Healdsburg, CA 95448
    tel: (707) 433-0103,
    FAX: (707)433- 0110
    e-mail: cyberibis@juno.com or cybernena@yahoo.com
  • David Korponai - Casilla #4100, Cochabamba, Bolivia
    tel celular: 01497964
    email: cordeman@albatros.cnb.net
  • Karen Korponai - 15249 N. 59th Ave. #925, Glendale, AZ 85306 (until Dec. 98); Casilla 2965, La Paz, Bolivia
    tel:. La Paz 792191
    email: korponka@t-bird.edu
  • Carlos Lebl -
    email: carlos.lebl@sda.uni-bocconi.it
  • Daniel Liendo - Casilla #5442, La Paz, Bolivia
    tel: 721546
    email: 100425.3471@compuserve.com
  • Jaelle Mann -
    email: jaelle_mann@fc2.fcps.k12.va.us
  • Mauricio Mayrides - 4540 MacArthur Boulevard, NW #111; Washington D.C. 20007
    tel: (202) 338- 1323
    e-mail: maurice_mayrides@dc.sba.com
  • Eddie Mazzi - last known address 1012 Chapel St. Townsend Bldg. apt 403, New Haven, CT 06511
    tel: (203) 787-5884
    email: eduardo.mazzi@yale.edu
  • Joanne McCord - 1100 Woodland Ave., Austin, TX 78704
  • Julia Molina - Casilla #50, La Paz, Bolivia
    tel: 790169
    tel celular: 01230812
  • Vicky Moscoso - Casilla #3021, La Paz, Bolivia
    email: umoscoso@bcouncil.org.bo or frios@mail.megalink.bo
  • Reggie Montalvo - ?
  • Fernando Ortiz - ?
  • Daniel Pabon - Casilla #59, La Paz, Bolivia
    tel: 367321 or 720895
    fax: 317792
  • Maria Lizet Perez - 7426 Central Park Crl., Tampa, FL 33637
    tel: (813) 899-4649
  • Fernando Quevedo -
    tel: 792505 or 793284
  • Victor Ree - 27-3, Lane 130, Hokiang St. Taipei, Taiwan ROC
    tel: (886-02) 503-9889
    e-mail: s_c_ree@yahoo.com
  • Ignacio Rivero –
    email: Irivero@tp.com.pe
  • Alfred Rolf -
    tel: 793228
  • Luis Saenz -
    email: lsaenz@mail.cosapidata.com
  • Sandy Sanchez -?
  • Dino Siervo -?
  • Miguel Urquiola - Ave Munoz Reyes, #110 Edif. Brescia Apt 602, Cota Cota
    tel: 770752
    email: miguel@econ.berkeley.edu
  • Monica Vargas - ?
  • Erik Wachtenheim - ?
  • Bill Walker - ?
  • Juan Ignacio Zapata - Casilla #3302, La Paz, Bolivia;
    tel hm: 784323
    tel of: 328377
  • Claudia Zarate - Ave Munoz Reyes, #110 Edif. Brescia Apt 602, Cota Cota
    tel: 770752
    email: zarate@zarate.bo
  • Christie Zepeda -?
  • Troy Zepeda -
    e-mail: zinvest@aol.com
  • Vanessa Zuazo - Casilla #22621 - Obrajes, La Paz, Bolivia
    tel: 785068 or 352891 Ghosts from the past...
  • Chris Adams- 13825 S.W.. 160th Terrace Miami FLA 33177
    tel: (305) 278-0691
    e-mail: haneskd@gte.net
  • Hala Tewfik -
    tel: 261-0618 (Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt)
  • Eelco Spiker - Arnhemseweg 284-c; 3817 CR, Amersfoort; the Netherlands
    home phone: (31)-33-4616534 Greenwich Mean Time + 1:00
    e-mail: espiker@baan.nl
  • Elise and Lori Cullum - 1801 Palm St., Paragould, AK 72450
    tel: (501) 236-1489
    1458 Sandpiper, Covington, TN 38019
    tel: (901) 476-0763 ??
  • Joanne Burnette -
    email: JValenzia@aol.com
  • Gillian (Gigi) Walker- 5805 Sacramento Avenue; Richmond, CA 94804
    e-mail: USA1110@msn.com
  • Maria Fernanda Castellano - Apartado Postal 3057, Carmelitas, Caracas 1010, Venezuela
    tel: 0058-2-243-3428
  • The Bertotti girls -
    Luisa - 1909 Anderson Road, Falls Church, VA 22043
    email: ebwasser@aol.com
    tel: 703-790-1629
    Gia - 10310 Ford Road, Fairfax, VA 22102
    email: gbertotti@dyncorp.com
    tel: 703-591-3859
  • Mary Parraga - 5701 N. Sheridan Rd. Apt. 17U, Chicago, IL 60660
    e-mail: mparrag@orion.it.luc.edu.com
  • Raul Pinto
    tel: 710575
    tel cel: 01241088 If you...

    1) change your address/email/phone #
    2) find a mistake in the class directory or
    3) know of a lost classmate’s whereabouts

    let Ibis (or any of the other editors) know so that the directory can be updated accordingly!

    No se pierda...chau!