Edison Edison

Family Album

bulletWinter (01/2004): Halloween through New Years (new 01/24/2004)
bulletFall (10/2003): T-ball pictures, pumpkin patch trip, more (new 10/24/2003)
bulletSummer (06/2003): Wake up! Summer's started in Austin, TX! Some pictures of Edison at Swim Lessons. (new 6/28/2003)
bulletClayton's 2nd Birthday! (06/2003): Clayton had a combo-birthday in May with his buddy, Eric. Then he had a family birthday at the house with his cousins and a few friends on June 24th! (new 6/28/2003)
bulletSea World (06/10/2003-06/12/2003): Sea World, San Antonio! We spent one day doing rides and shows and the second day at the water park. We didn't many pictures because we were too busy having fun and getting wet. (new 6/28/2003)
bulletSpring (04/2003): Spring time! (new 6/28/2003)
bulletEaster (04/2003): Clayton does the Circle C Easter Egg Hunt, cousins come by for egg hunting (new 6/28/2003)
bulletEdison's 4th Birthday (03/2003): Brother, cousins and Robbie at the zoo. (new 3/11/2003)
bulletBath Time and Ice Storm (02/2003): Rubba, Dub, Dub, ice storm hits Austin, and kite flying. (new 3/11/2003)
bulletJanuary 2003 (01/2003): Visitors and Gymboree and more. (new 3/11/2003)
bulletChristmas 2002 (12/2002): Christmas! (new 3/11/2003)
bullet October 2002 (10/2002): Halloween (new 3/11/2003)
bullet October 2002 (10/2002): Day Out with Thomas (new 3/11/2003)
bulletSummer 2002 (8/2002): Yet more! (new 11/6/2002)
bulletSummer 2002 (7/2002): The summer continues! (new 11/6/2002)
bulletSummer 2002 (6/2002): Heat up your summer with the Bertotti family! (new 7/4/2002)
bulletSpring 2002 (4/2002): Romp around with the Bertotti family! Easter pictures, grandma comes to town and more... (new 7/4/2002)
bulletEdison's 3rd Birthday (3/2002): Edison's Birthday Party! (new 3/21/2002, updated 7/4/2002)
bulletThe Bertotti Boys (2/2002): The Bertotti Boys on the town. (new 3/21/2002)
bulletThe Wiggles Live! (2/2002): The Bertotti family sees The Wiggles Live in Austin, TX. We sat in the middle of the front row. (new 3/21/2002)
bulletChristmas 2001 (12/2001): Christmas in Austin with Grandma & Grandpa Moore (new 3/21/2002)
bulletFall 2001 (12/2001): Virginia vacation, Halloween, Edison & Clayton, & more (new 12/25/2001)
bulletUnderwater Edison (09/2001): Edison swimming under the water! And Smiling! (new 9/19/2001)
bulletSummer 2001 (08/2001-09/2001): Edison and Clayton (new 9/29/2001)
bulletSummer 2001 (07/2001): Edison and Clayton (new 8/12/2001)
bulletClayton! (06/2001): Baby Clayton arrives! (new 7/9/2001)
bulletSummer 2001 (06/2001): Pre-Clayton (new 7/9/2001)
bulletEaster (04/2001): Also Uncle Ed, Aunt Karen, Cousin Kristina, and Cousin Alex mosey into town.  (new 4/21/2001)
bulletEdison's 2nd Birthday (03/2001): Train theme. What else?
bulletMiscellaneous 2001 (03/2001): Edison out and about  (updated 4/21/2001)
bulletChristmas 2000 (12/2000): All trains, all the time.
bulletMiscellaneous 2000 (8/2000-12/2000): Leftover pictures
bulletPoland Trip (10/2000): Trip to Warsaw to visit grandparents
bulletVirginia Trip (8/2000-9/2000): includes lake house and Lepsch wedding
bulletEaster/Wildflowers (3/2000): includes Easter and Edison in the Wildflowers and more
bulletEdison's 1st Birthday and more (3/2000): Edison is number 1 and much more
bulletHalloween, Christmas, and more (10/1999-12/1999): Halloween, Christmas, and more
bulletEdison in 1999 (3/1999-12/1999): includes newborn pictures and up to 10 months old
bulletPre-Edison (12/1998): ultrasound, baby's room, pregnant mom

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