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bulletLuke Timothy Sloan!
bulletGianina Marie Wasser!
bulletIt's a boy! Clayton is here! (new 6/24/01)
bulletGia & John get a special delivery! It's Sean!
bulletNick has arrived!
bulletE-Day has arrived! Welcome Edison , the latest member of our family. (new 3/17/99)
bulletFinally! Gia & John got married. Here are some pictures! (new)
bulletThe latest web page designer is our niece Kristina . Check out her work.
bulletThere's a new guy in town. Visit Jeremy's Jungle Gym !
bulletHello to our nephew Brandon!
bulletA Memorial to Our Beloved Nicki
bulletGia & John's Wedding : August 8, 1998
bulletLuisa & Eric's Wedding : August 24, 1997
bulletForeign Service Day : May 9, 1997