The Branster.

Bran-Man's Land

You lost? Well, you've found yourself in Bran-Man's Land!

This page is dedicated to Brandon, our young, strapping nephew. There ain't a sport he don't play. His hobbies include pleasing his mother and chores...well, maybe not.

He has two cats and can ride the unicycle!

Hopefully, we'll get more and more pictures of him up here. Check out his 1998 stats.

Age: 12
Height: 5'3" (soon to be taller than his Aunt Diane and Uncle Edwin)
Weight: 110 lbs.
Uniform Number: 15
Position: 1st base
Team: Twins
League: FLL
Season: Spring 1998
The Branster.

You'll have to talk to him directly for autographs.