BEWARE THE Ides of March...

It's official...Diane is having a baby!  The due date is March 15th...

MIM : Since we're not going to name names or find out the sex of the baby until birth (and even then we'll have to ask the doctor), we're going to refer to the baby as MIM. MIM stands for Monkey In Mom. NOTE: Just realized that MIM is also the roman numerals for 1999.

March 9: NEXT APPOINTMENT   (Well, we missed our scheduled appointment here)
March 2: Still "tight as a drum", 50% effaced, heartbeat in the 130's (back to boy range), baby estimated at 6 lbs. Diane was 7 lbs, 4 ounces, and 19 1/2 inches at birth, Edwin was 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and 19 inches at birth.
February 23: "Tight as a drum". Those were the doctor's words describing the cervix. Heartbeat was in the 150's. The doctor said more likely later than sooner. Still 50% effaced. Still in the petite range, but Diane's belly is still growing.
February 15: Baby has dropped and is right on schedule. Heartbeat jumping all around from 140-160 range. The doctor thinks the baby will be "petite". She guesses the baby is at 5 1/2 to 6 pounds, but that could be misleading because the baby has dropped to -1 station. Diane is 50% effaced.
February 1: Heartbeat in the 160's. Drastic change. The first time the doctor stated an opinion. "Have I made a prediction yet? This looks like a girl".
January 20: Heartbeat in the 130's. All's the same.
January 6: Heartbeat in the 130's. Baby is halfway through rotation into head-down position. Diane graduated to bi-weekly visits.
December 23: RhoGAM shot, blood tests went had to leave to deliver a baby.
November 23: Latest heartbeat checked in at 130's.
October 3: Heartbeat in the 140's. All is well. Ultrasound looks good.

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Ultrasound pictures
pic 1: frontal of face and stomach
pic 2: right foot and left foot


10. Homer J. Bertotti
9. Hotty Totty Bertotti
8. Sven Bertotti
7. Elle Bertotti
6. Monica Lewinsky Bertotti
5. Adolf Bertotti
4. Albert Bertram Bertotti
3. Bono Bertotti
2. Boutros-Boutros Bertotti
1. Tex Bertotti
10. Travis Bertotti
9. George Herbert Walker Bertotti
8. Hakeem Olajuwon Bertotti
7. Austin Bertotti
6. J. R. Bertotti
5. Anna Nicole Bertotti
4. Dallas Bertotti
3. Lady Bird Bertotti
2. Tony Dorsett Bertotti
1. Tex Bertotti


Real names suggested by others. Some serious, some not...Scottie, Dottie, Herman, Mabel, Reign, Sophie, Luisa Renee, 'Dwin Jr., Jonell, Lisa, Zygmunt, Edward, Edwina, Majestic Moo, Ima Hogg, Nolan Ryan, Astro, Remember the Alamo, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, Edson, DiDot, Austin, Dallas, Tex, Bubba, Tyler, Houston, Rosebud, Robert, Oscar, Sam, Edward (E-D-W-A-R-D), Bert, Ulysses, David, Moses...


Instead of Daddy, little MIM could call me Homer.
Instead of ABC's, we need to concentrate on teaching kid the significant digits of PI.
Swimsuit Model theme in baby's room.
We could save crib money by using leftover moving boxes.
Day after first word. Boarding school.
Since black, white, and red are the colors that stimulate babies, we could paint fighting pandas on the walls of the baby's room.
Fighting zebras were rejected too.
Section on webpage called "Ideas By Edwin Reject By Diane"

Edwin will have more ideas which will be posted periodically.