Edison's Lab: Pisces

February 19th through March 20th

Element: Water
Quadruplicity: Mutable
Ruler: Neptune
Natural House: The 12th
Parts of the body associated with Pisces: The feet
Keywords:I Believe. Intuitive, impressional, sensitive

The Pisces is generally thought to be a dreamy, highly impressionable person. Dreams and reality are often closely intertwined to a Piscean. They are often cheerful, easy-going and seemingly easily led. He is perhaps the most sensitive of all the water signs, and perhaps as moody, if not moodier, than a Cancerian. Great creativity often comes with that dreaminess and inner reflection.

A Piscean appears to be lazily indifferent to things, as though the world's trials and tribulations have no bearing to their existence. Pisces is known as "The Fishes".

They are one of the hardest signs to spot. Why? Well, these watery, mutable souls are like chameleons. They can blend right in with the surroundings. And give a Pisces individual a strong ascendant and their barely recognizable. But they are in there.
Pisces are shy, quiet, dreamy individuals. The same with many another Piscean. Start really looking at them, underneath the surface of the "public" personality.

A Pisces individual is usually extremely intuitive or at least highly perceptive. They can cut to the chase and get around all our bravado to what we are really thinking. They may look all dreamy and you might think you can get away with it - but when it comes down to it - you can't often bullsh*t a Pisces when it comes to feelings and emotions. Yes, a Pisces can be conned, as they are often naive in the ways of the world. But not when it comes to the psyche.

In personal relationships, Pisceans take things seriously. They can be quite romantic and loving, and often jump in with their hearts and think later. They give a lot of themselves when involved, and will sacrifice much to keep it going. In their younger years especially they tend to find themselves in one-sided relationships. Pisceans are more resilient than often given credit for, however. They the capacity to view each experience individually rather than carrying past hurts into another relationship.

Famous Pisceans

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Rudolf Nureyev
George Washington
Harry Belefonte
Elizabeth Taylor
Frederic Chopin
Theodore Kennedy
Dinah Shore
Your fairy godmother