Edison's Lab: Lab Notes

We'll try to keep you updated with Edison's progress through life. (Most of this material is taken from email exchanges so it may be lengthy)


Edison and I spent a couple of afternoons at the pool. He is semi-fearless. He's not afraid of the water, but he's afraid of suntan lotion :)

He does a very good job of putting his head underwater especially after his confidence is up. While wearing a body float (looks like an umpires vest on his front and back), he'll tool around the big pool exclaiming that he's "walking on water". The float does enough work so he has to continuously kick his feet to keep his head comfortably above the water. Unfortunately, he doesn't have to use his arms. I'll keep my outstretched arms out in front of him in case he wants to grab my hands, but after a while, he'll complain that my hands are there.

He'll also jump into the pool and stay submerged for 2 seconds before the float kicks in and he pops up to the surface. The first couple of times, I'll help him up. The next couple of times, I'll let him bob up and settle himself down, then I'll turn him toward the side of the pool for the next jump. After that, I let him jump in, bob up, get his bearings, and paddle back to the poolside himself.

In the baby pool without the float, Edison will flop face first into the water and calmly stay submerged for a good 3 seconds before scrambling up to get air. If he slips the first time and doesn't get his feet on the ground, he'll remain calm and regroup and eventually stand back up. He did this over and over again, trying to master it. One mom ran over to pull him out until she noticed that I was standing right there and watching him. When Edison goes underwater, he lays perfectly still. I still keep a good eye on him though.

We're looking into getting him into a swim class this summer.


The last couple of nights, Edison has been laying down nicely for bedtime. He lays on his back and dramatically squeezes his eyes shut while we put on his blankets, turn out the lights, and leave the room. He either got that from a video or from a book.

Edison has always been a big-time flirt and babe magnet. Yesterday at Chuy's, he won the heart of one of the servers. She wasn't even our watiress, but he lured her in. (Note: He was not carded).


Things Edison Loves: Trains, more trains, swinging, slides, Richard Scarry videos, computer games (Thomas the Tank Engine, Reader Rabbit, more), U2 songs ("Daddy music").

He'll sing the entire alphabet now. Except for "ell-emm-enn-noo-noo-noo-noo-p!", he does very well including the "next time won't you sing with me" part. He can count to 10 easily and to 20 with some help. He knows "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "Little Jack Horner", "E-I-E-I-O", "London Bridges", "Ring Around the Roses", and a handful of other songs.

We got him a baby doll in an effort to prepare him for a little sibling. Although he drags the baby around by his head, Edison's very good with him. He helps me put him to sleep at bedtime and points things out to him in the books that we read.

Current favorite video is Richard Scarry's Best Mother Goose Songs Video Ever. He likes the Little Jack Horner song the best.

He getting more creative with his train obsession. He'll now line up blocks, cups, muffins, or whatever and proclaim that they are engines, cabooses, and freight cars.


One of Diane's friends has started doing singing gigs at outside restaurants. Edison has been a loyal groupie. He's very excited to see Miss Raquel singing and Mister Hank playing guitar. He will also dance to the music for a while until he gets distracted. No offense to the performers because Edison gets distracted easily. All it takes is a train or a piece of ice.


Edison is talking in complete sentences now. Sometimes he struggles to come up with the right words...usually when he's trying to form longer sentences..."Edison is sitting on the couch drinking milk with Daddy" or "Edison is holding the orange balloon and Daddy is holding the red balloon". He still talks in the third person for the most part, but once in a while will use "I" or "You". He'll repeat the sentence in first person when prompted. He is becoming clearer, but still needs some translation sometimes.

Still way into trains. Everything is a train or a train track or a freight car or a caboose.

Started to be more interested in Fire Trucks. Yesterday, we happened upon a fire truck. He was very excited. Later, when the fire fighters came back from their call (they were inside the building), they gave Edison a stuffed dalmation toy. Good PR and Edison was fired up (pun intended). We just started watching "There Goes A Fire Truck" last week so the timing was great.

Last weekend was birthday parties galore. He went to three parties in two days. He was in cake heaven.

Trying to get him back into books more. Diane reads him books during the day, but when I get home he wants to run around the house the entire time.

Getting very good with a computer mouse...matching shapes and objects and "coloring" in pictures.

Still way into music, particularly U2. He randomly sang "I'm A Little Teapot" the other day. I don't sing it to him so I'm not sure why he picked that...we did do it once in Gymboree. He will periodically start counting to 10 or sing his ABCs. I've heard him do "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and he'll do "Ring Around the Roses".

Still into Gymboree. Lately, his kicks have been jumping off of things, swinging (in a swing and while holding onto a bar), and climbing ladders.

Not good at: throwing a ball, swinging a bat, and interacting with other kids. Most of the other kids are older or bigger and don't play with Edison very well. Some have pushed him down. He has no idea how to respond to that. It doesn't even enter his mind that he could push back. He simply gets up and stands there again Gandhi-style until the kid pushes him again. Edison is content doing his own thing most of the time though. He has a good friend Robbie who runs around with him, but we'll have to look into finding him some more docile playmates.


In an effort to expand his interests, we got Edison "There Goes a Fire Truck". He actually likes it a lot. The other day he built a big blob with his Legos and proudly announced that it was a fire truck with a ladder going "up, up, up".

He also loves the Wiggles featuring his Uncle Bob. (One of the four characters looks a little like his Uncle Bob). One night we watched "Five Little Ducks" 30 times in a row. Edison can now sing and do some of the hand movements for that songs.


Uncle Ed, Aunt Karen, Cousin Kristina, and Cousin Alex come into town for Easter! Edison loves his cousins and both are excellent with him. Even 3 weeks after their visit he still called the futon "Alex and Kristina's bed". He can tell you who slept on what side and periodically asks for them.

The big Easter Egg Hunt was a bust as it was poorly organized. By the time Edison waited in line and got to the hunt area, the eggs were gone. One kind family donated several eggs and Edison was happy enough with that. It's safe to say that he has learned about candy. He asks for candy several times a day.


He has a two new faces which are funny. One is when he's thinking about what he wants to say...he scrunches up his little face in concentration and finally blurts out his sentence. "Daddy, take...animals off...please!". I say "sure" and go into his room thinking that he wants me to take an animal down for him to play with. No. He doesn't like the sheet with on his new mattress with animals on it. He wants just the plain mattress. I have to explain that he needs the sheet on the bed to sleep on. I thank him for saying "please".

The second face comes right before we put him to bed. Again, he scrunches up his face in an effort to look hurt or crying. He practices several times before he throws in the wail or whine that goes with it. All staged. I tell him that the Oscars have already been given out and that he's no Julia Roberts. He counterattacks "Daddy, read a book please". I usually read him one more story while he's laying down.


Edison moves from his crib to this bed. It's remarkable, but with some infrequent exceptions, he stays in his bed until we come to get him.

We moved Edison up to the next Gymboree class. This is more theme-oriented and he's supposed to listen and pretend more. Instead of learning "stop and go" or "up and down", it's "Zoo Day" or "Driving Around Town". On some days, he's attentive and cooperative. On other days, he does his own thing. A lot of kids do their own thing so it's not unusual at his age. Edison is well liked by his instructors and he likes them too. He is probably known for his energy and daredevil attitude.


I exchanged a big pile of video tapes with a co-worker. The result is that Edison has a great library of new videos now. One of the videos has Mother Goose songs on it. As the video started, I said to Diane, the odds are low, but wouldn't it be great if "Little Jack Horner" was on this tape? The very first song...Little Jack Horner.

We also got some other great videos in the exchange. The Richard Scarry videos are the best learning videos I've seen. Slow enough for him to learn and interesting enough for Edison and us.


Here's the latest stats on Edison 23 lbs, 15 oz (10th percentile), 33 inches tall (15th percentile), and head circumference of 48.25 cm (25th percentile).

The doctor said that he's at a 4 year old level for naming non-primary colors (he pointed out that there was a purple fish on the wall (about 8 times)), but I suspect they tell all parents that so they feel good. "He can walk? Wow! Most kids don't walk until they are juniors in high school".

About three weeks ago, Edison whacked his head on the side of our futon. He got a large goose egg and even now you can see and feel a physical line where he hit his head. The doctor wasn't concerned since he wasn't knocked unconscious (nor did he show the signs of concussion). She said that he crushed the bone and it could take weeks or months for it to heal. In fact, he may also have some sort of line there (it won't grow bigger though).

He also got a shot (Hepatitis A) and didn't even cry at all. They normal don't give Hepatitis A shots, but there's been a rash of it in Austin and she recommended it (especially for anybody who ate out at all).

Current favorite activities:
Running around and around and around and around and around and around and around.
Watching Wiggles (dancing and singing group)
Watching trains
Playing with his train tracks

Just started:

Trip to Dallas to visit friends
Visit from Uncle Ed, Aunt Karen, Cousin Kristina, and Cousin Alex


In case you think Edison only watches TV and plays computer games (like his Daddy)...Edison spends a lot of time outside.

Around the house:
He has a small plastic playground set in the backyard and lots of neighbors in the front yard. Almost everyday when I come home, he is outside drawing "trains" on the driveway in chalk. Lately, it's been raining a lot though. Our neighbors include:

Madison (a 4-year old who lives across the street) and Bradley (8?)...periodically Madison will come over and ring the doorbell looking for Edison. Edison is very fond of Madison. Bradley is very good with Edison. He is older and always somewhere playing sports...mostly baseball...Edison always wants to go across the street to play with Madison and Miss Lori is nice enough to let him play in their driveway.

James (a 3-year old who's grandmother lives across the street) and sister Jillian (1-year), James and Edison do okay though sometimes they compete for the same toys. Jillian is happy-go-lucky, but doesn't interact with Edison too much...yet. Their grandmother is brave to host so many people in their driveway.

Christine (8?), Cameron (6?), and Courtney (3) live next door and venture over whenever we are outside. Cameron and Courtney put all of Edison's toys through rigorous physical testing.

Charlie (?) and Lucy (?) live down the street. Periodically, they'll come by when we're outside. They are very polite and good with Edison.

We also take him to the park once a week (weather pending). We have four different parks we go to...the Circle C Park is great when it's sunny because it's shaded, Nichols Park is nice because Edison loves running on it's sidewalks, but it only has one swing for him, Tanglewood Park has great big swings and nice trails, but it's extremely dirty, and Barton Springs Park is nice, but it's downtown and extremely crowded. At Barton Springs, they have a train ride which distracts Edison.

Edison goes to two playgrounds. A bigger playgroup with a lot of kids and a wide age range and a smaller playgroup with kids closer to his age range.

Diane and her friend Jackie do yet another informal swap. Diane takes Robbie on Thursday mornings and Jackie takes Edison on Friday mornings. Edison and Robbie have a lot of fun running around and they interact well. Robbie is about two months older than Edison. Often they play outside especially at Jackie's since they live in a cul-de-sac.

Edison goes to Gymboree two to four times a week. There he runs around, climbs up steps and ladders, goes down slides, jumps on trampolines, and more. There's a free play time and a time where they sit around and sing songs and tell stories.

This weekend, I hitched up this trailer to my bike and rode to pick up our mail. Edison LOVED it. "Again and again and again". I went around the block another time for him. It was still rainy and cold out and it was hard work for me.

This Sunday, I took him to the park, but after hearing several train horns, we went in search of trains. We found one parked on the track (waiting for the line to clear I assume). We watched it for a while until Edison got exhausted...he fell asleep on the way home before eating lunch.

Sunday, while I mowed the lawn, Edison followed while pulling his plastic toy lawn mower. Yesterday, he played in the backyard on his toddler playground for a while before we moved to the front when some neighbors came out.

He still watches some TV. Lately he's into Sesame Street and Blue's Clues. Both are very educational. Video-wise, he's been watching this tape that has songs about shapes, 1-2-3's, A-B-C's, same/different, over/under/in/out/etc, and manners. He also watches this video on Trains. It's divided into three sections: how a steam engine works, the different freight cars and track maintenance, and passenger trains. He calls it the "Special Train Video". It is part of his bedtime ritual.

He also play with his train set and read books. Not to mention, bathtime.


Saturday, I took Edison down to the Austin's Children Museum. There we tried on different kinds of shoes (fireman's boots, sandals, snorkel fins, clogs). The highlight of his trip though was drinking from a water fountain.

Yesterday Edison whacked his head on the side of the futon sofa we have. He had a large goose egg on his forehead so we watched him closely as recommended by the doctor. Last night I put him in bed with us so we could watch him during the night. He did well until about 1 am when he woke up and started saying "Mommy is here! Daddy is here! Mommy is sleeping! Daddy is sleeping! Mommy is under the covers! Daddy is under the covers!" over and over again. We got up, gave him some Tylenol and water, and watched 5 minutes of a train video and then I put him in his crib. Actually, he was very happy to be back in his crib. He was a little nervous sleeping when we told him that he would be sleeping in our room that night. Earlier we brought him into our bedroom and he requested to sleep in Edison's room. We put him in his room and I transferred him to our room when I went to bed at 10 pm.

Not stories to be made into movies, just an update on Life With Edison.


Edison's favorite song went 3-for-3 at the Grammy's last night.

Edison calls the song Beautiful Day "Airplane Music" because the video has an airplane in it.

He actually likes the rest of the album and will request "Other Music" (Stuck In A Moment) and "Walk On" (which is actually called Walk On).

The books say that Edison will use either hand until about the age of three. He has a 2% chance of being left-handed since neither of us is left-handed. (17% if one parent is left-handed, over 50% if both parents are).

Yesterday, Edison literally ran around the block. We have a fairly large block to run around (about 1 mile). Edison loves running now and he ran (about 10 steps in front of me and 50 steps in front of Diane) along the sidewalk. When he got to the corners, he'd stop, wait, grab my hand, and run across. He would've kept going if we didn't insist he go in and eat dinner. This running gene comes from his grandpa...but Edison does it in sandals.


I asked Edison to bow his head to see if he'd remember. He not only bowed his head, but he put his hands together and bowed. Right now, you could teach Edison almost anything. We were talking about names and Diane said to me jokingly, "How about Bert?". Edison jumped in and said, "How 'bout Ernie?" Edison is repeating a lot of what we are saying and stringing together a lot of different concepts. You don't realize how you talk until some repeats it back to you. When I feed him, I say (not consciously), "How about yogurt?" or "How about grapes?". Well, one day Edison replied, "How 'bout hot dogs?". Very funny vocabulary coming from him. Now he says "How 'bout [whatever]?" or "Edison have it" (pronounced "Edison hab it") when he wants something.

Nothing on vocation for Edison. We did watch a new video that someone leant us on Trains. It talked about the Train Engineer, Fireman, and Conductor. Right now, we can only narrow it down to drummer, train driver, TV critic, dancer, professional stuntman/daredevil, musician (kazoo, piano, guitar, maracas), artist (very abstract), Gymboree instructor, and hot dog and orange eater. (Been very big into eating oranges recently.) Or maybe if there's a job that pays you to sit in a bathtub and pour water.

For some reason, Edison loves "Little Jack Horner"

Little Jack Horner sat in a corner eating his Christmas pie
he stuck in his thumb
and pulled out a plum
and said 'What a good boy am I'!

One day while in the car, I tried reciting all of the nursery rhymes or stories (like 3 little pigs) I remembered. I probably remembered 15, but only 2 or 3 of them all the way through. Little Jack Horner was one of them.

It's very random, but whenever I recite it, he asked for it "again and again and again".


I did a little experiment. When throwing a plastic ball to me, without prompting, Edison used his left hand 16 times and his right hand 4 times. Unfortunately, he was equally terrible with either hand.

Experiment notes: He tended to use whichever hand he used last. The power from each hand was roughly equal.

Afterwards, when I asked him to switch hands, he did so.

Other observations: He is getting much better with the computer mouse...though he switches from right to left hands interchangeably. He also anticipates what's coming on the screen. He knows the differences between the games and requests (demands) certain games at certain times.

He loves watching himself on the computer (we have a webcam and I record him preiodically to distract him while I read email or work on taxes). He likes watching his older stuff even more than watching himself live.


It's too early to tell, but Edison uses his left hand a lot. We gave him a toy hammer and he hammered with his left hand. We then took it away and handed it back to his right hand. He swapped it to his left hand and hammered away. When he kicks, it's with his left foot (although he is terrible at kicking and throwing). I believe he draws with his right hand...I'll have to pay attention.

He's big into "off" and "on" now. When he doesn't want something or is done with it, he asks for it "off". "Applesauce off" or "Video off".

Still way big into "airplane music" which is the U2 single "Beautiful Day", now nominated for the Grammy Song of the Year. We were flipping through the channels and happened to catch the video on MTV. He was very excited...then upset when we couldn't recreate it.

Another thing he says a lot now..."again and again and again". Whenever he wants more of something, he says "again and again and again"...ie, "french fries, again and again and again".

We just picked up a "I'm a Big Brother" book at the store along with "Go, Dog, Go". (We returned a book we got for Xmas that we already had). He likes both books.

I probably already wrote this, but he loves playing "Ming Abound the Boses"...or "Ring Around the Roses" for some of us. He can now sing all the words and sometimes improvises "Ming Abound Daddy" or "Ming Abound the Train".

He just learned how to maneuver the mouse around for one of his video games.


Grandpa and Grandma Moore are in town along with Great-Grandma Phillips. Edison loves his grandparents and his great-grandmother and they are great with him.

Christmas was fun for Edison. He didn't quite get it, but he was excited nonetheless.

His gift from Santa was a train set that was running under the Christmas tree when he came downstairs. He was extremely fired up. He likes to watch it run by himself, but then asks you to turn it off so he can push it himself. He also understood that the same train would run on his other train set track.

His other gifts include Thomas the Tank Engine books, a fake-CD player that plays music, and some matchbox cars. He actually didn't get that much, but he was happy with what he got.

Tia Gia got him a great train toy. It has all kinds of features including the alphabet and numbers. It has a little keyboard that either plays notes or animal sounds. In one mode, you hit a key and it tells you that "you pushed the letter G". In another mode, it asks you to "Find the letter between H and J" or "You have selected 3 o'clock". He's not to that level yet, but the toy should keep his interest for a while.

Lately, he's been playing some other computer learning games a lot. He's starting to participate a little..."heads, shoulders, knees, and toes" or he'll repeat "purple square". He's talking more and more.


Edison added "1", but may have dropped "4" when he counts...he used to count..."2!, 3, 4, 5!". Now he counts "1, 2, 3, mumble, 5!" He loves playing with his trains, watching Thomas the Tank Engine (you'd like it better than the Teletubbies), drawing with crayon (and chalk outside), and taking his baths. At Gymboree, he's very good at participating in the songs and dances. He's better at some classes than others. He really likes the Saturday class instructor who does a better job relating to the kids. On Saturdays, he participates in everything. Last week was "Stop and Go". He was better at "Go". Whenever they announced "Stop" and we held Edison in place, he would scramble to get loose while saying "Go, go, go, go!". He enjoys climbing up, sliding down, jumping down (into a large mat), rocking on this big rocking horse, and running down a steep incline (we have to catch him). Periodically he'll put a ball in the basketball hoop. His latest games at home are "Ming Abound The Boses" (translated Ring Around The Roses) and "Edison Under The Cubers (or Banket)" (translated Edison Under the Covers (or Blanket)). After his bath, he'll climb into our bed and put the covers over him.

Last Friday, Diane took Edison to the mall to get a picture with Santa. They waited in line for 2 1/2 hours. Can you say grumpy? Edison and Diane! Saturday, we did Gymboree and went back to the mall where Edison rode this little train they had set up. On Sunday, we checked out a local church. They had a "nursery" for Edison. There were plenty of toys and he got a lot of attention. He was the only kid his age (two babies and one 4-year old) and there were 3 "babysitters" there. There were separate rooms for infant-to-two, two-to-four, and preschool. Since he was the only toddler in the infant-to-two room, he basically had one person assigned to him. He didn't even notice that we were gone. I did check in on him and he seemed content to sit at a little table and draw. He did pay a lot of attention to the babies when they were crying. He watched with fascination. The girl assigned to Edison said that he was happy the entire time and she was impressed with his abilities (he correctly pointed out items on this A-B-C rug they had). Here's a sign of the times...when we checked Edison in, they handed us a pager. They can page us during the service if they need us. Yesterday, Diane went over to a friends house to make a pillow for Edison. I cut Edison's hair (which he hates), gave him a bubble bath (which he loves), and read books to him.


I took Edison to the zoo on Sunday and we had a good time looking at the animals. The Austin Zoo is pretty bad. They have no funding so they only get donated animals. No giraffes and elephants, but they do have bears, monkeys, lions, cougars, zebras, farm animals, and a llama. Edison got to feed the horses, goats, sheep, and llama. The grand finale was the train ride...the zoo has a little train ride which is ridiculous since it doesn't go by any animals. Edison loved it just the same.


Edison is mostly the same. He's stringing more and more words together and figuring out more concepts. When he counts, he no longer skips 1. When prompted, he can do much of his A, B, Cs...really, he can only do A, B, C, ... G ... L, M, N, O, P, W, X, Y, Z. The good news is that you can spell a lot of words with those letters, but we'll work on getting the rest. He's understanding it's funny when one person hides from another person...where's Noo-Noo? He'll say, "Noo-noo funny". He's much better with buckles and has started to move on to zippers. The other day he spent 45 minutes of "zip up, up, up" and "zip down, down, down". He gets focused on things like that and there's nothing you can do for a while.


Things are the same old, same old here. Edison no longer asks for Teletubbies (he hasn't watched the video since Poland)...he now requests "Train Video" (pronounced "Train Biddo"). At some point, I expect his voice to go hoarse as he repeats "Choo choo tunnel" over and over again. He's still stuck on that.

He's talking more, louder, and clearer. When he notices something, he feels it's important to announce it..."Moon white!", "Big circle!", "Elmo!", "Two babies!", "Edison poopie!"...I am working on "bigger and smaller" and he is doing ok on counting. He starts everything with 2..."Two, Three, Four, Five!". He only goes up to 5.

Aside from a souvenir from a forehead to concrete meeting, nothing is really new with Edison...we'll continue to report.


Edison had a good Halloween. He was a frog. We never really had to worry about him trying to eat small toy pieces, but after Halloween, we'll have to be on the look out. He learned that he could say "Trick or Treat" and receive candy in return. Luckily, he wasn't that into it for long. He had more fun giving the candy away and saying "Happy Halloween".

Since the Poland trip, Edison has been fascinated with trains and tunnel. Scarily fascinated. He will spend the whole day going back to the three pages in Green Eggs & Ham with "I would not, could not in a train." He'll flip back and forth exclaiming "Train!" and "Tunnel!" He wakes up everyday saying "Tunnel".

We're also showing him a picture of Grandpa and Ba Noi (pronounced Ba Noi Noi Noi Noi Noi) everyday. He'll periodically say "Ba Noi" during the day and "Ba Noi" replaced "Gia" when we now ask him who he's talking to on his toy phone.


Edison goes to Poland to visit Ba Noi and Grandpa. Falls in love with trains and busses. Learns to hate shopping in the open market. He does remarkably well on airplanes...better than his Mom.

In Poland, Edison loves going to the pool and riding in the elevator. He'll opt for the kiddie pool which is probably 60 degrees. It takes him 60 seconds to turn completely blue. Grandpa Bertotti watched in amazement while Edison opened and closed their closet sliding doors for an hour straight. If we didn't have an airplane to catch, he'd still be there.

9/00: Edison is WAY into buckling and unbuckling. He'll do that for hours. Yes, hours. The bad news is that we have to unbuckle for him. He's very interested how simple things work. The door, the drawers, snaps, buttons, buckles, etc.


Edison and Diane go to Northern and central Virginia for 8 weeks. I will join them after week 6.


Edison survived another little virus which had his temperature up at 104...not terribly high as some doctors don't even start on Tylenol until 104, but he was miserable and after we called, they said to bring him in. Since this was his first high fever and it lasted about three days, they wanted to rule out an ear infection or strep throat. (He doesn't mind the ear thermometer as we checked his ears about 50 times a day with it, but he didn't like the stethoscope or tongue depressor...there goes his medical career). He has recovered nicely.

He's still on the brink of talking, but not really talking. If you say "Pool", he'll repeat "pool" and know what it means, but his verbal vocabulary is still Apple, Up, Guck (means Milk), Drink, Crack (means Snack), Cat, and Uh-uh-uh-uh (means I want something and I want it now or else I will say Uh-uh-uh-uh over and over again). He understands a lot more words though.


Physically, Edison is about 18 pounds (less than 5th percentile) and 29 inches tall (20th percentile) with a head circumference of 47 cm (50th percentile). He's very small compared to the other kids. He also doesn't have that much hair compared to them. The doctor says he's progressing nicely though.

He is probably ahead of the curve for his motor skills (walking, picking things up, stacking things), behind the curve (though most boys are) for expressive communication skills (talking, pointing, gesturing), and ahead of the curve for receptive communication skills (understanding words/commands, repeating "Moo", "Hoo, Hoo", etc, etc).

When asked what does a [animal] say? He can respond to Owl, Bunny, Dog, Snake, and Cow. When asked to blow bubbles, he does a tiny little puff. He can clap his hands, touch his nose, turn around in a circle, and give "high fives" when asked. He will also give out kisses, but only when he's in the mood.

He loves his books, pounding on things to make noise (one of his favorite books involves monkeys drumming on drums), and trying to climb on things.

Favorite games now are "Daddy's gonna get ya!" where I chases him around the room until I catch him, Reader Rabbit computer game, and an "Up & Down" game that Diane plays with him.


Edison is talking a lot more. He'll tell you what an owl says, a rabbit says (he wrinkles his nose), and what a dog says. He can blow bubbles, but only in the tub. When you put a bubble wand in front of him, he just opens his mouth and looks at you. He's not a big talker compared to some kids, but he's only 1 yr at this point. He has stopped saying "cat", but added the word "circle". He knows who Mommy and Daddy are, but rarely says them. He loves pictures of himself and pictures of Daddy.

Edison has a little chair with the word "Edison" on it. Diane read it to him and he read it back to her. Along with "Edison", he know the words "book", "cat", "milk", "dog", "drink", "horse", "cow", and "Daddy".

Favorite book is "Hop On Pop" by Dr. Seuss. Not sure why, but he loves it. He also enjoys "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" and a Zoo Lift-the-Flap book.

He can now put a circle object into a circle hole. It sounds easier than it really is because it has to be lined up precise for it to work.

Edison turns one. He had a rough day at his birthday party as he was confused as to what was going on. He did "get" the cake part though. As the Teletubbies would say..."What a mess!"


Although, he's going to the big weekly playgroups, he mostly watches the older kids. He has joined a smaller playgroup of kids his age and will be going over to a friends' house once a week in the morning. One week at Luke's house, the next week at Robbie's house. His friends, in return, will come over once a week. It's mostly parallel playing at this point.

Edison can get down off the bed or sofa without problems. His walking skills come and go. He walks all the time, but periodically he's not paying attention and will lose his footing. Especially now that he's trying to move quickly. Change of surfaces also trips him up. Floor to rug, rug to floor.


Edison walks!

Edison can wave goodbye now, but usually does so about 30 seconds after the person has left. He can now clap his hands.

Edison takes a record 8 steps from the bed to the wall. He is quick to be re-Ferberized and is happy to see all of his toys again. His favorite is a tunnel. He crawl back and forth inside the tunnel.

Edison celebrates the Greenwich Mean Time new year in an airplane (he never went to sleep). He celebrates the Austin New Year's sleeping in his own crib.


Edison starts a new trick. He bobs his head whenever he hears music. He also will rock his whole body if he is standing up.

Edison does lap after lap around the coffee table. He then launches out and takes several steps sometimes making it to a nearby chair.

Edison gets lots of Xmas gifts including one where he puts a ball into a hole. He picks it up instantly.

Edison has his first ear infection.


Edison has a new favorite food. Pears!

Edison travels up to Northern Virginia to visit his Grandpa and Grandma Moore along with his Tia Gia.

Edison takes his first steps between pieces of furniture.

Edison eats pieces of fruit and cereal.


Great-Grandma watches in awe (horror) as Daddy teaches Edison to crawl up the stairs.

Edison hosts his Great-Grandmother!

Furniture-cruising. Edison can manuever along the furniture.


Edison is a jumping machine. He loves to jump. In the Johnny-Jump Up, he'll jump and jump and jump. He tried to jump on the bed and in the bathtub.

We wrapped our tables with comforters and Edison can pull himself up into a standing position. He also has accumulated a lot of bumps and bruises.

Edison stands. While holding on to furniture, Edison can stand. It's wobbly, but he has a good grip.

Edison is a crawling machine. He can get anywhere he needs to go. He progressed from an army-crawl to a hands-and-knees crawl. On hard surfaces, he switches to a hands-knee-foot crawl.

Edison continues to love his baths. He splashed around a lot and loves his bath toys.

Edison does well at the dinner table...he eats cereal and baby food.

Edison is Ferberized! It took 3 very tough days and a week or so of easier days, but he is sleeping through the night regularly and taking good naps. The whole family is happier!

Edison can sit up without problems.

Edison welcomes his Grandpa and Grandma Bertotti!

The Edison-Sitting-Up record time is up to several minutes.


Very soon, we are going to Ferber-ize Edison...let him cry it out so he sleeps all night in his crib. It's not going to be easy. Daddy's going to need earplugs...so he doesn't have to hear Mommy crying.

Edison rolls around a lot more now. If you look away for a second, he's on the other side of the family room tangled up in the coffee table. Sometimes he makes it to the cold floor of the breakfast area.

Edison loves the pool. We take him to the pool once or twice a week. He kicks, kicks, kicks. When he flaps his arms, the result is a face full of water. He stops cold, wonders how all that water got in his face after he splashed it there himself, then happily flaps his arms again.

Edison can sit up! For about 30 seconds. He can also sit in this small chair for a while if you put his hands on the armrests.

We've started Edison on solid food. Right now he's eating rice cereal.

Edison enjoys when you hold him on top of your head when you walk around. Definitely a way to build muscles.

Whenever we put Edison in this particular chair, he has a bowel movement. Like clockwork. He is in the chair as I type and the theory is holding true.

Edison has been grumpy the last few days...then we found a new tooth.


Edison now has a "Johnny Jump-Up" swing. I'm surprised how well he maneuvers around in there. He definitely turns around to check out a noise source.

Edison likes funny sounds. He enjoys when you talk in high and low voices as well. Sometimes it sets him off on a giggle spree.

Edison enjoys walks with his mommy. He especially likes looking up at the trees. We think it reminds him of his room.

Edison has a new exersaucer. We're not sure whether he hates it or loves it. When he's in there, he wants to put everything he sees in his mouth. When he's out, he turns around to try to look at it whenever you are in the room with him. He probably really enjoys it. He frantically spins around, trying every toy, and yelping in delight. After about 15 minutes, his yelps turns into cries. His leg strength has dramatically improved though.

Edison regularly flips over onto his stomach. He has a harder time flipping back.

Edison is sleep between 5 and 8 hours a night. Much better than the every two hours when we started.