Edison's Lab: Timothy Edison

Auntie Gia helped come up with the name Edison. She suggested "Edson" for Ed's Son. That instantly sparked the name Edison, which mommy and daddy put in their name bank. A lot of names got rejected instantly, others were rejected after time, still others added over time. The name Edison wouldn't go away so that's what we ended up with. There are people who like the name and there are people who hate the name. Either way, we think Edison has good connotations and a couple of playground beatings will only make him tougher.

Because Edison is a difficult name match with a middle name, we moved it to the middle slot and pondered the first name. It wasn't until Edison's birthday that we decided on the final name. Actually, Diane was experiencing heavy contraction pains and said to Edwin, "You pick the name. I don't want to talk about it. It doesn't matter now. Leave me alone." Edwin responded, "Homer Edison Bertotti". (His initials would be HEB which is the name of the major grocery chain down here). "From the names we agreed to, stupid!". Daddy chose Timothy Edison.


Timothy is of Greek origin and means "honoring God"or "one who honors and fears God". It was the the 53rd most popular name in 1998. Timothy is Grandpa Bertotti's name.


Edison means son of Ed, which he is. Ed means "Good/Prosperous/Wealthy" and comes from the Old English word "Ad". Add "Ed" to the name to get the full meaning. For example, "Win" comes from the word "Wine" and means "Friend". "Edwin" means "Good or Prosperous Friend". "Ward" means just that and "Edward" means "Defender of Wealth". Using our formula, we conclude "Edison" means "son of Ed". Also, you can look at his name as Ed(win)-Di(ane)-Son.